The Nightingale’s New Song: A Black Woman’s Poetic Notes, an anthology of poetry and prose, is a journey of challenges and triumphs. It is an inspirational story of pain, love and hope. The story of a Haitian born woman who emigrated to the U.S., and in time, embraced her identity as a confident Black woman in America, and a most loving mother who is fulfilled in her role of head of her household. Last but not least, Michaëlle fully embraces her identity as a writer as well as a performer, amid the most tempestuous storms of her life. This is Volume I of the book series JOURNAL OF THE CARIBBEAN NIGHTINGALE by Michaëlle Martial (stage name: Caribbean Nightingale).



Dear Friend,


I have personally sampled coffees from several roasteries who practice fair trade in their business with coffee farms in Africa, South America, and the Caribbean. I believe I have finally found the right coffee flavors that go smoothly with my poetry and that will please the most delicate palate.


I invite you to experience the Relaxation & Elegance of RELAXATION THROUGH VERSE POETRY SALON in the comfort of your own home with TiZwezo Poetry Café. Get your Custom Mug, RTV Artists Merch, and Gourmet Coffee & Hot Chocolate available soon! Best if sipped by a cozy fireplace as part of your self-care routine or with your loved ones.


Life is short. Take it one sip, one rhyme, and one note at a time.



Michaëlle Martial AKA The Caribbean Nightingale

The Nightingale's New Song: A Black Woman's Poetic Notes by Michaëlle Martial

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  • Journal of the Caribbean Nightingale Book I

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